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Product disposal -

with safeguarding


Product disposal - with safeguarding.

As a Specialist Waste Management Company with many years of experience in product disposal, we have developed a high level of sensitivity for the safeguarding of proper disposal. Whether it be products, production elements, machines, prototypes or vehicles - the disposal of your materials is safe in our hands. In doing so, the requirements of our clients take first priority, ensuring that tailored client solutions are constantly being developed. 

We guarantee seamless process security in disposal, from transfer through to recycling. Safe transportation is the start of the process, followed by secure storage of the materials. During the disposal process, various machines are used as necessary. The material is completely destroyed and rendered useless for the originally intended purpose. In doing so, we ensure that even individual parts are reliably destroyed and cannot be used for their original purpose. 

Our clients receive comprehensive documentation detailing the destruction process with all documents and a detailed cost itemisation. We would be happy to provide photographic documentation of the destruction on request.